Pam Wilkins

Born in Portsmouth, I have been a Pompey supporter for 55 years and I’m still crazy enough to volunteer for the support crew of this year’s York2Pompey bike ride. I will be the co-pilot in ‘Thunderbird 2’. From what I can gather this means handing out custard creams, pain killers, threats and hugs, whichever seems the most needed at the time.

I have been a PST board member from the beginning and am also on the committee of the Portsmouth Supporters’ Club (central branch).

I am retired and have two grandchildren, Rufus 3 and Esther 3 months, and I hope they will grow up to support Pompey and in doing so have as much fun and meet as many great people as I have over the years.

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Andi Saunders

Co-Pilot of Thunderbird 2 Support vehicle.

Looking forward to being involved this year having followed the “Ride to Bury” last year

Living at the wrong end of the M27, it’s difficult to get involved in a lot of the “Pompey” initiatives, so I volunteered early for this one. Looking forward to getting to know some of these crazy riders and back to Fratton Park for the Play Off clincher

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Vern (& Tayla)

Hi my name is Tayla, and I’m not riding from York 2 Pompey, but I use the Elizabeth Foundation every Thursday because I was born deaf.

My Grandad Vern Rickman is going along as support crew to help these riders get back safely and raise lots of money for the eight charities.

He says he refuses to rub cream in any delicate parts but apart from that he’ll do his best to get them all back in one piece – as long as the van holds up!

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Kerry Feast

Having been part of the support crew on Thunderbird 1 for Ride2Bury last year I was always going to be involved in this years ride. Being Tom Dearies partner I see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes before, during and after the ride.

Last years ride was in one word EPIC! Watching a group of Pompey fans raising a fantastic amount of money for charity made me immensely proud, easy for me to sit on a warm, dry mini bus eating custard creams but even I felt a sense of achievement knowing I was there to support the riders with food, drinks, hugs and pain killers!

This years charities are all great causes, The Elizabeth Foundation being especially close to my heart. I hope we can raise a massive amount of money this year and do Pompey proud.

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Emma Judd

I knew quite a bit about last year’s Ride2Bury, so when Tom Dearie asked me if I would be involved in the York2Pompey ride I said yes straight away.

As a journalist and PR account manager I was asked to promote the ride so we could get as much sponsorship as possible. Hopefully I’ll prove my worth to the team (and not just eat all the Custard Creams in Thunderbird 1).

I’d also like to say thanks to my company, Briscoe French, for letting me use work time to help out with this. I’d best buy the boss a drink at the launch party…

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Stephen Harvey

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Kieran Magee

I am a latecomer to the team this year having finally plucked up the courage to join the madness. I saw the team complete last year’s ride and highly admired what they did and the support they gave to different charities. The chance to get involved came up and I felt I had to take it.

I haven’t had a lot of time to get myself prepared physically, but I am determined to keep up! I am looking forward to the ride greatly and hope that others end up seeing it how I did previously.

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Paul Porter

As a friend of another team member (Spencer Green) I was offered the challenge of taking part in this very worthwhile cause.

I jumped at the chance to take part in something that could potentially help so many people within my local community. I’m no expert but have a keen interest in fitness, the benefits it provides and the rewards a challenge can give an individual.

Hopefully my professional qualifications as a Personal Trainer and Military Fitness Instructor will prove an asset to the whole team.

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Phil Barta

I wasn’t part of the original Ride to Bury but I had friends who did it and I was so taken back by how much effort everyone had put in and how much money was raised, I just had to be part of this one, I love Portsmouth as a club and a city and if can I help I will.

I am really looking forward to being part of a team and meeting new people, it’s going to be hard but I’m up for the challenge

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Spencer Green

I’m a serving WO2 in the Royal Logistics Corps currently based in Barnet North London. Born and bred in Portsmouth (well Gosport actually), I first saw last years, Ride to Bury and thought “I could do that”, after initially offering support to the team I was offered a place to ride with them.

It’s a superb event hopefully raising some decent money for local charities.

I just wanted to be part of it, I’m no Sir Bradley Wiggins but I am positive my Grifter (for those of you who remember) is up to the task!

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Reece Percival

Aged 41 1/2, lives in Hilsea and works in IT in Petersfield.

I’ve been a Pompey fan for many years notching up over 85 away grounds whilst experiencing many lows and highs, the 4-1 humiliation down the road being the one that brings back the fondest memories 🙂

As a keen cyclist the York to Pompey ride was too good an opportunity to miss, not only to physically push myself beyond anything I’ve done before but also to raise money for fantastic local charities which is part of what a community club is all about.

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Sam Hardcastle

Despite hailing from the darkside (alright, I know), I have lived and raised my children in Southsea for the last 12 years. My husband did the ride last year, and I was inspired by how much it connected with our local community. Some of the Pompey players came to the afterparty and were dancing around and playing pool with my kids – that’s pretty special and not something I’ve seen anywhere else.

I work as a school librarian and I’m hoping that being on the ride this year will inspire the kids I work with to live active and healthy lifestyles.

When not working or spending time with my family, I am a triathlete and a level 1 triathlon coach. I’m certainly not on the team as the ‘token girl’!

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Rob Stroud

I wasn’t involved in last years cycle as I was living the dream down under in Australia, but was fully behind the team and the cause. Now I’m back in the UK, the York2Pompey ride was something I had to get involved in.

I’ve always been up for big physical challenges, so to be able to do this for these great charities is right up my street! I work in the health and fitness industry so if I don’t smash this, I will be hounded for years!

I’ve done many long distance runs/marathons before, but this will be my first major cycle ride, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

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Rob Parkhouse

I’m the wrong side of 50, been a Pompey fan since the 70s and I live and work in Portsmouth.

I’m quite active, as I still play football competitively and enjoy sea fishing from my kayak. Recently I have started cycling for ‘fun’ with my son James (Parky), although I don’t share his passion for hill climbs!

I watched James complete last year’s Bury to Portsmouth rise and I was very disappointed I decided not to participate so I was determined to complete this one. I love the fact it is all for local charity and to be part of a team that will raise around £40,000 will be a great privilege.

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Rich Marwood

I’m just about to retire after 36 years with The Post Office and I wanted to set myself a goal of keeping fit, just a gentle 300 miles!! Fortunately, I’ll be with 31 other Pompey Fans and a support team, though so much Lycra isn’t going to be a pretty sight!

As the father of an autistic son, now 35, with profound learning difficulties, I know how important it is that these charities survive and thrive. They are a real lifeline for family and friends and help to bring some sunshine into people’s lives.

When my legs are screaming stop, I’m sure the thought of your help will keep me pedalling!!!!

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Michael Saunders

As a PST Board Member I was approached to take part in the ride by Tom Dearie. I used to cycle a lot but got out of the habit. However I rediscovered cycling last summer and so this seemed like a good challenge to keep up my fitness and raise money for local Portsmouth charities.

All donations will be gratefully received and spur me on to cover those miles and hills… hills!? I’m from Portsea Island – Copnor Bridge is about as hilly as it gets!!

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Lee Laver

I will be cycling the 300 miles from York to pompey to raise much needed funds for local charities and causes through the pompey in the community set up.

As a pretty unfit person I was a little in awe of the pompey2bury team who raised such a great figure for little jack and other great causes last year.

With this in mind I decided I had never taken part in a fundraising event or completed anything as worthwhile so decided I would be part of this years team. Please donate generously as this could well finish me off!!

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Daniel Fearnley

I wanted to do the ride last year, but as I’d just started a new business it was hard to get time away from work. This year with things more settled I signed up as quickly as I could.

Like all riders the number one reason is to raise money for local charities. I also hope the training will help me shed a few stone! Finally, with a few days in the saddle it gives me the chance to catch up with some audio books. I think the 50 Shades trilogy should keep me going – just hope I have an understanding room mate!

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Andrew Stilwell

Hi I’m Andrew! A few year ago I decided to set myself personal challenges to try and get myself going as I approach my 40th birthday. Last year is was running which culminated in me doing Tough Mudder which was extremely challenging. I saw on twitter that Tom was organising this fabulous bike ride and I thought what better way to challenge myself this year than do a gentle bike ride from York to Portsmouth (I have been told it is all downhill so all is good!)

The opportunity to do this is almost once in a lifetime (as realistically you have to be a bit bonkers to do it again) but I am looking forward to riding at a nice gentle pace for a further distance than I have ever rode before just on a single day let alone on sequential days. I sincerely hope you can help in raising lots of money for the fantastic charities this ride is being on behalf of.

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Alex Read

I’m 26 years old and work for SSE Southern Electric. Pompey season ticket holder/glutton for punishment which has probably got something to do with why I’m signing up to this bike ride.

I want to push myself as much as possible and see what I can do, bit of a personal goal of mine.

Also last year I was due to be part of the Ride2Bury team but unfortunately broke my foot six weeks before so missed out despite doing most of the training. Any suggestions on what I can break this year before the ride are welcome by the way…

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Ian Saunders

I was unable to Ride2Bury last year due to work commitments, but did join the lads for the first 40 or so miles to Hook before turning around and coming home.

As a keen cyclist, and having completed a few charity rides and sportives in the past, I wanted to do something that would push me that bit further so that my sponsors know it was a challenge to complete.

Combining that that with the link to the football club and raising money for local Portsmouth charities, it’s the ideal event for me to take part in.

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Darin McCloud

My life has changed dramatically in the past four years – from me weighing 21 stone, doing no exercise and having to be on insulin to treat Type 2 Diabetes, to losing six stone and keeping five and half off; running the GSR, half marathons and the London marathon, completing the London to Brighton cycle ride and doing 30 to 60 mile rides just because I can.

My diabetes is under control and I’m no longer on insulin. My goal is to show that no matter what age you are it is possible to change your lifestyle for the better with the help of support of like-minded people. I will also have turned 50 by the time the ride takes place, so it’s good to have a great event to do for that.

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Danny Fossett

After doing ride2bury last year I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do something so mad again.

It took a lot of hard work last year and I enjoyed putting the time and effort into it to be able to do it.

I loved the sense of achievement and seeing the reward it gives to others from raising the money. Hopefully we can smash last year!

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Andrew Weller

42, Pensions manager & season ticket holder for the last 30 years from Salisbury. Part of the team that cycled to Bury last year and proudly wore the jersey on many cycling sportives last summer and in Yorkshire as Le tour passed by.
Last year’s ride was an unbelievable experience if a tad damp, and great friendships were made. The game at Bury mirrored our ride… some moments of utter madness with an unforgettable conclusion.
The sense of achievement and pride really sank in as we saw just how much had been raised. This year we have 8 great charities and your contributions will make such a difference to people in the local community.

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John Crossley

Here I am again, the oldest guy on the run. Last year they all had me pegged for a heart attack before Reading; I guess this year they are expecting me to complete with ease. I shall have just turned 62 for this ride but am a cycling nut case, so I’m hopeful about completing the ride without too much trouble.

I own four bikes and no cars – three of them located at my home in Taiwan; the other, in Pompey, is the one I shall use for the ride. Yes, I shall be travelling a 16,000 mile round trip to take part in the cycle ride, so I’m expecting some generous donations from fellow Pompey supporters and some complete strangers to hit my sponsorship target for the ride. I’ve started the ball rolling by sponsoring myself for ₤500.

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Tom Foot

Tom Foot, 29: I did the Ride2Bury ride last year for Jack and when Tom Dearie asked me to do York2Pompey I jumped at the chance.

Last year’s ride was the highlight of my year, and having just come back from suffering serious injuries from being hit by a car I wanted to make sure I completed it.

I ride seven days a week and race as much as possible. I’m also a triathlon coach.

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Stefan Kenward

I’m a massive pompey fan and a part-time cycling enthusiast. I am 21-years-old and currently work at Greenworks Solutions along with one of our other team members, Lee Laver.

I was one of the riders involved in Ride2bury last year and jumped at the opportunity to be part of this adventure, not least because we will help so many good causes.

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Jim Batchelor

I was part of the original Ride to Bury team last year and I’m really excited we’re able to do it again.

Seeing how much money we raised and how much of a difference it made to people in the local community was definitely something I am very proud of and is a real motivator to do it all again.

Hopefully this event will get bigger and better each year.

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James Parkhouse

Participating in Ride2Bury last year was one of the best experiences of my life thus far, so when Tom asked if I wanted to participate in this year’s ride how could I say no?

I love that we will be raising money for 7 local charities and also a charity from York really bringing home the Pompey community spirit!

Of course, I’d have preferred to ride to or from Carlisle but I guess I can settle for just the 300 miles from York 😉

One of the highlights of last year was the brilliant bunch of riders and support crew on the ride and am looking forward to sharing the tarmac with them again this year along with a few new faces (including my old man!!)

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Darrell Martin

Hi my name is Darrell Martin.

After doing the ride2bury last year, and seeing all the support we got, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to do it all again.

Here is hoping we beat last year’s total…

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Bryan Puszkar

Bryan Puszkar, 28: I am a season ticket holder in the Fratton end and an avid cyclist, runner and triathlete. I enjoyed last year’s Ride2Bury so much that when the opportunity came up this year I wasn’t going to say no.

It’s a great feeling knowing we will be doing the ride with the support of the whole community whilst raising money for some amazing charities.

Can’t wait for the crowds to greet us on Frogmore road come May (and the inevitable jäger bombs at the crook afterwards)!

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Neil Hardcastle

I was part of the original Ride to Bury team last year and am excited to be a part of it again. We made some great friendships and learned a lot along the way… I certainly consider myself a more experienced rider (or at least, puncture repair specialist) this time around.

Long past the experience of the ride itself, the effects of what we achieved together and seeing how it touched other people’s lives, is something that has stayed with me.

We’ve put a lot of planning into making this year’s ride bigger and better and I hope we’re able to spread that good wider across more worthy causes in our local community.

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Tom Dearie

As part of last years Ride2Bury cycling team, I saw first hand the positive impact we had within our local community.

As soon as the fixtures were announced, York at home on the last day stood out. The idea that ‘Big Pompey Ride’ can grow each year and continue to help those in our own local community appeals to me and it’s something I’m passionate about.

I’m doing the ride for the joy of cycling with mates, the challenge & the achievement of completing another 300 miles or so and above all else for the custard creams and malt loaf – the staple foods of any successful bike ride.

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