Kit Bags & Berets helps veterans with dementia

Take a minute to remember…

Remembering why we’re doing this ride is important. Not only does it keep us focussed on trying to raise as much money as possible, but it will also keep our legs turning when they’re burning.

Some people struggle with their memories, to the point where they need the support of their loved-ones, carers and others to help them through.

One of the charities we have chosen to raise money for is Kitbags & Berets, a Portsmouth division of the Alzheimer’s Society and one which offers support specifically to veterans with Dementia.

It’s a little-known charity, and one which receives its funding from its parent charity, but we want to help the group fund an event, excursion or fundraiser so they can keep as much of the money they receive from the Alzheimer’s Society as possible.

So, as our fundraising passes the three-quarters of the way mark, we think it’s a good time to remind ourselves, and our supporters, about the difference this money will make.

Here’s what Kitbags & Berets had to say:

Kitbags & Berets is an activity group for veterans with dementia and their carer, family member or friend.  This is a group where like-minded people can get together and share their experiences in a relaxed environment.  There is lots of opportunity to reminisce around service life, with sessions tailored around those that attend the group.

This group has made a real impact on the quality of life of veterans attending the group.  “We speak the same language”, is a comment that is often heard and is certainly a common bond amongst veterans, together with the unique experience that service life brings.

We also offer guidance, support and information for carers of the veterans that attend.  The group is supported by an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Worker together with several Support Service Volunteers, all of whom are veterans themselves.

Please give generously to help Kitbags & Berets as well as our other excellent causes.

The total so far:

Our fundraising total as of 25/04/15

Our fundraising total as of 25/04/15

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