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A marathon’s not part of the training, Tom

Yesterday, the ride’s main organiser, Tom Dearie, ran the London Marathon.

We don’t recommend a 26.2-mile jaunt through London as an official part of the Big Pompey Ride training plan, but Tom had a very good reason to do it. Through Portsmouth Football Club and his work with the Pompey Supporters’ Trust, Tom met Bob Beech, whose daughter Charlotte died six years ago yesterday after an asthma attack.

Tom ran to raise money in her memory for Asthma UK — and he got round in one piece, too.

You can donate here and add to his total, and one of the reasons why we wanted to put this on the blog is because it shows what a community we have at Pompey — we’ll generally do silly things to help our friends when they need us to.

That’s true for our fundraising, too, and how all our supporters have rallied to help us on our way to our total.

Today we want to talk about two causes that their money is going to as part of the York2Pompey Big Pompey Ride challenge.

They are the Pompey Supporters’ Trust and Pompey in the Community.

Here’s what Pam, from the PST (who’s also part of our support team) had to say:

As a trust we are very much involved with Portsmouth Football Club, and are a major shareholder in the club, with three representatives on the PFC board. Our initial aim was to push for a supporter representative on the PFC board, but due to events that unfolded over the last few years, we faced the very real possibility of losing our club. As a result of our expectations being exceeded, PST is now looking for a new purpose and direction.

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust is pleased and proud to be able to support the York2Pompey bike ride as part of the support crew. The ride hopes to raise money for some very worthy local charities. The Pompey Supporters’ Trust’s share of the money raised will enable us to continue the work we do for PFC, which will further benefit the community.

And Clare Martin, of Pompey in the Community, said:

For Pompey in the Community this opportunity has come at a perfect time. The charity is expanding its facility into the unit next door as our current facility is no longer able to cope with the number of activities we have on offer. This funding will support the construction two new “football themed” classrooms, the first based on a football changing room and the second, which will be iPad based, will feel as if the learners are sitting in the stadium itself. There are also plans for a new cooking and enterprise room which will link to much of our current provision.
This new facility will  offer exciting opportunities to some of Portsmouth most disadvantaged, as well as enabling local youngsters opportunities to be motivated and enthused. Last year we worked with over 37,000 individuals many of whom visited the Pompey Study Centre and took part in activities which varied from lip reading to smoking cessation and from first aid to money management.
We’re hoping the new facility will be up and running in time for next season.
Please help us help the community in which we live and work, via these two great causes, by donating here.
Our total so far:
Our fundraising total as of 27/04/15

Our fundraising total as of 27/04/15

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